Hyun Bin Revealed To Own Training Suit Collection Which Gained Popularity In His Popular Drama “Secret Garden”

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Actor Hyun Bin said that he is still collecting the trendsetting, training suits from his popular drama “Secret Garden.”

On December 22, on YouTube channel “Esquire Korea”, a video titled “Hyun Bin’s chosen military life? Ri Jung Hyuk VS Lim Cheol Ryeong” was posted.

On this day, Hyun Bin answered various Q&As. He chose Anne Marie’s ‘2002’ as his ‘Recent Song’.

Citing Italy as his favorite destination, he said, “Each spot had a different feeling, such as Venice, Florence, and Milan.”

In the video on this day, Hyun Bin also talked about training clothes made by Italian craftsmen in “Secret Garden” related to Italy.

Hyun Bin said,

“All four versions of the training suit I wore are in my house. It is still in the collection. I don’t wear training suits anymore. I’m so tired of wearing them since I wore them a lot in the past. I have it since it was part of the meaningful work. And I also received a lot of love in it.”

In addition, Hyun Bin chose Ri Jung Hyuk for the balance game, “Ri Jung Hyuk’s military life vs. Lim Cheol Ryeong,” explaining, “I guess Jung Hyuk will have a comfortable military life in many ways, and the next option (Cheol Ryeong) is fancy in comparison.”

Meanwhile, Hyun married Son on March 31. Son Ye Jin then gave birth to their son on November 27, and the two became parents.

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