Former NU’EST Member Hwang Min Hyun And Kim So Hyun In Talks To Lead Upcoming Drama

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Hwang Min Hyun, a former member of the group NU’EST, and actress Kim So Hyun have been offered to appear as lead in the upcoming drama “Useless Lies.”

According to a report by the World Biz & Sports World on September 21, Hwang Min Hyun was offered his next work for the 16-episode drama “Useless Lies” and is considering it positively.

Pledis, his agency, said, “It is true that Hwang Min Hyun was offered a role in the drama. We are considering it positively.”

“Useless Lies,” tells the story of a woman who has the ability to hear lies and a man who refuses to lie. In addition, seven years ago, a woman’s disappearance was added to raise fun by guessing and reasoning about it in the drama.

Hwang Min Hyun will play Kim Do Ha, the current best-selling composer, and producer in South Korea. His work name is Kei, and his real name, age, birthplace, and marital status are all private.

While actress Kim So Hyun is considering the role of the female protagonist, Meok Sol Hee. She is a person who gives up on the ordinary happiness of everyday life due to her ability to hear lies from an early age and meets Kim Do Ha and gets embroiled in new worries.

The director Nam Sung Woo, who directed “My Roommate Is a Gumiho,” “Kkondae Intern,” and “Kill It,” will be in charge of directing. Director Nam is currently focussing on tvN’s “Love In Contract” being filmed and showing his unique lively and in-depth production.

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