Hook Entertainment Raided By Police For Search And Seizure, Some Industry Insiders Say Its Unrelated To Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend

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While its quite uncommon, Hook Entertainment, an actors’ agency, has been raided by police.

On November 10, multiple news outlets shared photos of Hook Entertainment headquarters being raided by police for a search and seizure. The photos show public officials arriving in cars with boxes.

The operation reportedly lasted 5 hours.

The news immediately became a trending topic for a variety of reasons, including the fact that actors agencies are rarely ever raided by police. The specific reason for the investigation is unknown yet.

However, it has been reported previously that Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend Kang is the hidden owner of Bucket Studio, Vident and Inbiogen, and its suspected he has ties to her agency too. Attention is being paid on whether this is somewhat related considering Kang’s very sketchy past.

Previously, Dispatch reported that Kang is the largest shareholder of Bithumb Holdings, and Kang is also tightly connected to Chorokbaem Media, which had acquired Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment. It doesn’t end here as Dispatch reveals they have been digging into Kang’s past and brought up allegations involving fraud in 2013-2014, they also allege he might have had involvement with gangsters and raised suspicion about his cash flow. Bithumb is one of South Korea’s biggest crypto exchanges.

Hook Entertainment does not only house Park Min Young but also Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seo Jin, and many more.

Some entertainment officials are claiming that the search and seizure is unrelated to Kang.

Other insiders pointed the finger at the agency management itself being caught in a suspected crime. One official alleges that Hook Entertainment was a place with many problems due to the ‘negligence of the management of the CEO and the board of directors.’

This is a developing situation so please stay tuned for updates.

Hook Entertainment has yet to issue a response addressing why the raid happened.

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