Hook Entertainment Denies Veteran Actress Youn Yuh Jung Is Departing Their Agency But Choose Not To Comment On Recent Raid By Police

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Hook Entertainment has addressed one media outlet report that claimed Youn Yuh Jung is leaving their agency.

On November 17, one media outlet reported that Youn Yuh Jung has decided to leave the agency after much thought and consideration. The report claimed that she’s been verbally renewing her contract with her current agency based on the trust they’ve built together over a long time, thus, rather than ‘end of contract,’ it would be announced as ‘part ways.’

Hook Entertainment has since responded to the statement and denied the news. They said the contract is not ending.

Recently, we’ve reported that Hook Entertainment had been raided by police and it was suspected for being related to Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend Mr. Kang as a part of a bigger investigation.

The agency has said, ‘no comment,’ in response to media outlets asking about this situation.

Youn Yuh Jung is considered one of the biggest Korean actresses and has recently made history for her performance in “Minari,” she won an Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award, and a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award.

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