Hook Entertainment CEO Personally Issues Response To Scathing Dispatch Report Accusing His Agency Of Withholding 18 Years’ Worth Of Music Payment From Lee Seung Gi

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Hook Entertainment CEO has stepped up to personally address the scathing Dispatch report published about his agency on November 21.

Previously Dispatch published a lengthy report alleging that Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has not received a single penny as a settlement of music revenue from his agency for over 18 years since his debut. Lee Seung Gi has not received a single penny of music revenue for 18 years since his debut with his first full-length album “The Dream Of A Moth” in June 2004. Although 137 songs were released over 18 years, including hits such as “Because You’re My Girl” and “Will You Marry Me,” the music revenue was zero won.

In addition, Dispatch reported that Lee Seung Gi asked his agency about the settlement, but the agency told Lee Seung Gi that he had no amount to settle, saying, “You are a minus singer.” and said they were gaslighting him.

Shortly after the report was made, the agency issued an official statement by its CEO Kwon Jin Young. The statement reads as follows:

Recently, there are bad stories about our company and individuals through the media, so many people are embarrassed regardless of whether they are true or not.
I feel ashamed and apologetic because everything is my negligence and the decision of vice. It is our duty to confirm the facts in detail about the stories that are currently being reported in the media or floating in the world, but as mentioned in the previous press release, we are currently in the process of verifying the facts and there is room for legal action in the future.
Once again, we ask for your understanding if we refrain from expressing our position In the future, if Hook Entertainment or an individual is clearly identified as being legally responsible, I will take full responsibility without backing down or avoiding it.
Hook Entertainment and I will do our best not to interfere with our celebrities’ entertainment activities, and we will be more careful not to cause further concern to everyone. Thank you.”

Recently, Lee Seung Gi was reported to have demanded certification of content to Hook Entertainment regarding this situation. Hook Entertainment confirmed by saying, “We have received a certification of content from Lee Seung Gi, and we are reviewing related materials and preparing answers accordingly. We are trying to wrap up the problem smoothly without misunderstanding between the two sides.”

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