Hidden Signs Of Park Seo Joon And Kim Ji Won’s Feelings Progress Sparks Fan Theories

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Fans have noticed something very strange during each episode end of Fight My Way and its sparking fans theories.

By the end of each episode in Fight My Way fans always saw these blue and pink bars with stars on them.

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Fans haven’t been paying attention to it until recently.

A fan theory suggests that the bars with pink and blue stars resembles Kim Ji Won’s and Park Seo Joon’s developing feelings for one another.

The stars indicate how close they are to confessing their feelings for each other as many fans are saying.

In the 7th episode you see that Kim Ji Won’s pink stars are 4 while Park Seo Joon’s are 3.

In that episode Kim Ji Won’s character told Park Seo Joon’s character to stop hugging her because its making her heart flutter

Which might explain why she has 4 stars while Park Seo Joon has only 3.

But in the 8th episode you can see that Park Seo Joon’s character has 4 stars now balancing out his leading lady stars.

Both national and international stars have praised the production team for their efforts and their attention to details.

Fans have only discovered this recently and are now intrigued to see when those stars will be filled.

What do you think of this fan’s theory? Do you like it?

Do you believe its true?

My Theory

Wow! Was that a clever move or what? I am really impressed by how much attention the editing team has paid to details.

I do agree with the theory and I think its true, with each episode of the drama I kept seeing those pink and blue stars but never paid attention to them.

Until recently, that’s such a clever way to showcase their developing feelings for one another, I am again impressed, I don’t usually see this much dedication to details in kdrama.

Mostly because they film daily and are mostly tired, but it seems like the editing team isn’t, because they have been doing great.

Find whoever edited and suggested that idea and give them a raise they need it! This is a brilliant idea!

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  1. Actually, I have already noticed those stars being filled or highlighted each episodes. I started noticing it at episode 3, which looks a bit catchy. I mean, during episodes 1 & 2, most of the stars are not highlighted yet, only the first 2 stars so it’s not that noticeable. So at the end of episode 3, that’s when I realized, the stars indicate the progress of their feelings. Also, this might one of the indications or reminders if what episode we’re watching. Because the total number of stars is 16, which corresponds to the total number of episodes as well. Simple logic but I find it really cute. The staffs and directors are great in putting efforts even it’s for a simple detail of the program. I love it! Fight For My Way fighting!!!

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