He Left Kim Soo Hyun To Be Raised With His Mother Alone And Now He Wants To Reconnect

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Hallyu actor Kim Soo Hyun has quite the heartbreaking complicated family background.

Many fans are already aware of this, but there are some who were shocked to find out more about his family background.

Kim Soo Hyun was raised by his mother, he was an only child. His father Kim Chung Hoon; was a lead singer of an 80’s band called Seven Dolphins. He left his son and wife when Kim Soo Hyun was still very young and was absent from his life.

Back in 2015 both fans and Kim Soo Hyun were shocked to learn that Kim Soo Hyun actually had a half-sister named Kim Joo Na who debuted as a singer later in 2016. Through his agency, he stated that he was shocked to learn of his half-sister but still wishes her the best.

This is why many netizens don’t have a good impression of Kim Soo Hyun’s father. When Kim Chung Hoon recently stated that he wanted to reconnect with his son, many netizens were furious with his comments.

Kim Chung Hoon had recently made a comeback with a new album and appeared on a radio show to discuss his relationship with his son. He said that he wanted to see him when he gets discharged but his son told him not to come as it will be too crowded, he added,

“I haven’t seen him yet but I plan to meet him and have a meal with him.”

It appears the two still don’t have a good relationship together. Netizens wrote comments such as, ‘wow so shameless,’ ‘he wasn’t in his life, now he wants to come back,’ and more.

What do you think of this?

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By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. As a father were he was when he needed him the most?
    When he was a kid? Probably living his own life and didn’t care about him

  2. It’s tragic what has happened between them…and it may seem thick-faced of his father to want to reconnect, but I’m sure Soo Hyun, knows how much he needs to trust his father’s motives. There are only 3 people who know what really happened that lead to the situation becoming the way it did…and only 2 of them can resolve it or move on with life as it’s been going.

    Sometimes we need to hear a person’s reasons or request for forgiveness, so we can know for sure whether or not we can go that forgiveness or not.

    I hope both are able to reconcile the issue, but if he’s father is using this as a chance to get money or reinstate his former popularity…I hope Soo Hyun sees through it…and moves forward being happy.

  3. I’m not standing on one side.. I was in the middle.. From KSH side, he went a lot with his mother.. Through hardship and happiness.. But when he gets all the spotlights and fames, someone called father came and want to reconnect with him.. So unashame! But look at his father’s side.. Maybe he want to repays all of his time that he missed with his son.. Maybe something happened to him that make him realized that he need to be good to his son too.. I pray may something good will comes to this father and son..

  4. Considering the fact that his father had just released an album, it makes it seem like he just wants publicity….
    fake ass father smh

  5. Why only now? He should’ve reconnected when he was was needed the most by KSH. When he is now promoting his record and the son is a Hallyu star, he had the nerve to reconnect?!

  6. i didn’t know about this father son complicated relationship until i read this article. but he’ll soon come out with an album, mentioning KSH name is actually a wise move for a publicity… he’s cunning. i don’t think he even care to reconnect with his son if he wasn’t a hallyu star

  7. What a hopeless old man. This is a conspiracy he need money so want to see his son. Forget you asshole. Kim soo hyun just ignore this hopeless with nothing think of you and your mother both have a very difficult life that time.

  8. Well there’s really a doubt on his father’s intention to reconcile with his son. If he’s really truthful without any motive, why would he announced it in the media?

    Lets say he really sorry about the past for whatever reason or happenings to him and wanted to mend his relationship with kim, he can jolly well do it privately. Why he needs to annouce to media and same for the sister? Just because kim is now famous and rich????

    But although this man don’t seems good, he is no matter what his father and should kim decided to reunite with him in future, i would still wish them the best.

  9. I know, I shouldn’t be saying this, I just wanna comment on how I felt while scrolling down this pages…

    ” Wouldn’t insulting his dad be a little overboard for kim soo hyun, it’s his father, his father”

    *No offences, just ma mind wanted to share, My friends*

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