Han Ye Seul Receives Backlash For Breaking The Rules During Vacation To The United States

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Han Ye Seul has broken the rules during her recent visit to the United States.

On May 2, the popular actress posted photos of her vacation. Her photos showed her breaking the rules and gained a lot of negative attention. The photos she posted were captioned with, “HIKING THROUGH WONDERS,” where she and her boyfriend visited the Canyons.

However, Han Ye Seul was seen touching and stepping on the rocks while posing for photos. In case you didn’t know, this is not allowed.

As soon as anyone enters the Antelope Canyon, there is usually a huge sign that explains the don’ts when visiting, one of them being how no one is allowed to hike around the canyon or step on it. Professional guides also warn against that. This is done to preserve the rocks. Despite that, the actress had no problem stepping on the rocks while taking photos and then proceeding to post them online for the world to see.

Han Ye Seul received backlash not only from k-netizens but the international community as well for her actions.

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