Han Chae Young Joins Lee Jun Young’s Agency

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Actress Han Chae Young has joined the agency which is home to actor Lee Jun Young as well as co-established by him.

On December 19, J-Flex said, “We signed an exclusive contract with actress Han Chae Young. Han Chae Young, who has been attractive in various genres and has received a lot of attention and love not only in her home country but also abroad, will actively support her to continue her wide-ranging activities in the future.”

Han Chae Young has been active on the screen right after she debuted. In particular, she showed good acting skills in numerous works such as KBS2’s “Sassy Girl Chun Hyang,” KBS2’s “Boys Over Flowers,” MBC’s “A Man Called God,” KBS2’s “Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek,” and “Bel Ami.”

On top of that, the actress entered China and became a global star by working in a number of works such as the movie “Bill Deal,” the drama “Young Couple,” and “Love in 1931.

In addition, Han Chae Young showed her easy-going personality and charm on entertainment programs such as KBS2’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk 2” and MBC’s “Wizard of Nowhere” In particular, JTBC4’s “Secret Unnie” showed careful consideration and a warm “sister.”

In particular, Han Chae Young made a special move by hosting beauty programs from “Han Chae Young’s Boutique” and “Why Not.” She has not only renewed the life of characters in each work but also showed off her influence as a beauty trendsetter.

Meanwhile, J-Flex has recently been expanding its entertainment business by recruiting actors Han Sang Jin, Kwon So Hyun, and Kim Kang Min, as well as Lee Jun Young, who is a co-founder of the agency and has appeared in various works such as Netflix movies “Love And Leashes,” dramas “May I Help You?” and “D.P.”

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