Promising Rising Actress Ha Yeon Soo Reportedly Retired From The Entertainment Industry, Former Agency Issues Response

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Promising Rising Actress Ha Yeon Soo has reportedly left the entertainment industry behind and retired.

Recently, fans noticed that Ha Yeon Soo’s profile has been erased from portal sites, added to that, the actress has been away for some time from the limelight. When her contract ended with her former label, there was no news of her signing with a new agency.

As a result of all of these happenings, some fans began to speculate that Ha Yeon Soo has retired from the industry.

In response to the rumors, a source from her former agency said their exclusive contract has ended earlier this year and to their knowledge, she’s currently studying in Japan. However, they said they were not responsible for deleting her profile, and thus, its hard to confirm more details.

Ha Yeon Soo debuted in the industry in 2013 and rose to fame after appearing on dramas like “Monstar,” “4 Legendary Witches,” “Drinking Solo.”

She played the female lead opposite EXO’s Suho in “Rich Man, Poor Woman” which became her last drama project since then.

She’s made her debut as a painter when she opened her own exhibition last year. She’s been active on her personal Instagram posting in Japanese too and sharing pieces of her artwork.

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