Ha Yeon Soo Destroys Netizen Claiming She Retired To Become A Pornstar, Threatens Legal Action + Addresses Her Alleged Retirement

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Actress Ha Yeon Soo has responded to the rumors she’s retiring.

Recently, fans noticed that Ha Yeon Soo’s profile has been erased from portal sites, added to that, the actress has been away for some time from the limelight. When her contract ended with her former label, there was no news of her signing with a new agency. Thus, some began to speculate she might have retired from the industry.

Amid those rumors, Ha Yeon Soo didn’t hold back and exposed a netizen who was spreading a malicious rumor about her.

On May 12, she took to her Instagram stories to share a screenshot of the comment a netizen wrote on an online community, the netizen is replying to a post about Ha Yeon Soo, they alleged she’s leaving the industry to become a pornstar, the comment has since been deleted but the replies to it were very critical, another comment under the post says since she isn’t signed to a label thus there is nobody who can sue for her.

Ha Yeon Soo didn’t hold back and absolutely destroyed the netizen who wrote the horrible comment, she said,

“Get your head straight, if you’re somebody who is of sound mind, you would know not to mention me in the communities again. I will really sue you. I still have the PDF files from the past, and I can sue you anytime.

Why would you do something like that? Why do you want to put down somebody who is just trying to live their life? What goes in your head to make you want to do that? Did your parents not teach you any better?

I am scared for the women who will date and marry men like you.”

According to Wikitree, Ha Yeon Soo denied the retirement rumors through an acquaintance, she said, “I think the ones who want to make it seem that way are the journalists themselves. Thanks a lot guys.”

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