Ha Ji Won, Yoona, and Nam Ji Hyun Promised Ji Chang Wook They’ll Visit Him When He Enlists

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Is Ji Chang Wook a lucky man or what?

The actor sat down for an interview a couple of days ago in which he talked about his pending military enlistment.

The actor is set to enlist on the 14th of August, in less than a month away, he talked about his previous female co-stars are planning on visiting him in the military.

He revealed,

“They said they would visit me in the army after I enlist. Lets see if they follow through with their promise and come visit me in the army.”

He went on to talk about how much his previous female co-stars had a positive impact on him, he said,

“I became the actor I am today because of the good work mates I met. I met Ha Ji Won noona while doing “Empress Ki”, despite the fact that it was tiring, she was always smiling and made our work environment great.”

He then talked about his more recent female co-stars Yoona and Nam Ji Hyun, he said,

“Yoona and Juhyun were also very cheerful while filming. I received positive energy from them.”

He then talked about the military enlistment in more details, he said,

“I might be going to the army a bit late but I will be back healthy, I will try my best while fulfilling my duty. “I will be back with great projects after I finish. I hope my fans can wait for me during these 1 year and 9 months.”

The actor is done with his drama “Suspicious Partner” and has been doing a final round of interviews before he enlists.

The actor talked about the rest he is taking before he leaves, he said

“I want to spend the remaining time with my mom”

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