Ha Ji Won Shares A Photo Of Her Brunch Date With BTS’s Taehyung

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There is a kpop-kdrama duo we didn’t even know was a thing.

“Hospital Ship” actress Ha Ji Won shocked the entire BTS fandom as well as her fans by declaring that she is a fan of BTS.

Two days ago, the actress snapped a photo of her and BTS’s Taehyung having fun during their brunch together. In the picture you can see both stars smiling looking happy together.

The photo is taken at a restaurant table and they seemed to have enjoyed their time, Ha Ji Won also wrote this cute caption, she said,

“Brunch went by so fast while we talked about photography and productions~ DNA by BTS is just brilliant, I wish it all the success.”

Fans were shocked because they didn’t even know that the two stars were friends, their brunch indicates that they’re comfortable around each other.

This sparked so many fan theories about why had Taehyung met up with Ha Ji Won, fans know that the actress is currently taking part in the popular drama “Hospital Ship”, and were wondering if their meeting was to discuss a possible cameo appearance by him.

His last work was in KBS2’s “Hwarang” were he showed his great acting skills. Is their connection work-related or just plain friendship?

So many questions left unanswered, meanwhile we can fangirl/boy over how cute the two look together.

What do you think was the purpose or their brunch?

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