Gong Hyo Jin And Honey Lee Criticized And Called ‘Clout Chasers’ For Attending “Parasite” Oscars After-Party

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It seems that celebrating “Parasite” historic Oscars win shouldn’t include other Korean actors who weren’t a part of the cast team.

Korean movie “Parasite” took home a total of four Oscars a couple of days ago, the historic win was celebrated by a lot of people around the world. Koreans were especially happy to see a movie from their country win Oscars. Many Korean celebrities also congratulated the cast.

Actresses Gong Hyo Jin And Honey Lee attended the Oscars after-party for the “Parasite” team.

Gong Hyo Jin and Honey Lee posted many photos celebrating “Parasite” win with the rest of the cast of the movie. They snapped many photos with the cast and posted them to their Instagram and looked especially happy that night.

However, and for some very weird reason, k-netizens weren’t exactly happy about that. Many heavily criticized the actresses for attending the after-party, they were called ‘clout-chasers’ and some assumed the two just ‘crashed’ the party and weren’t invited. Others think they shouldn’t have posted such photos on the internet. Many also said Honey Lee was overreacting and acting as if she won the award judging by how happy she was holding the trophies in the photos she shared.

After getting severe backlash for posting these photos, Honey Lee deleted them and apologized in a post to netizens. She stated,

“I just wanted to show my congratulations to my sunbaes and colleagues. I am sorry to those who felt uncomfortable looking at my pictures.

I just wanted to share my feelings with you all.”

The “Parasite” team also issued a statement clarifying that the two actresses were invited to the after-party because they were in the same city. They’re friends with the cast and the cast didn’t feel discomfort or objected them being around. They also have ties with the cast whom they’ve worked with in various productions previously.


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What do you think of this issue? Do you think they deserved criticism?

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