“Go Back Couple” And “The Package” Premiere With Promising Ratings

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Two new dramas have premiered last night and Nielsen Korea has released the official ratings numbers.

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KBS2 “Go Back Couple” has taken over the time slot previously occupied by “Strongest Deliveryman” and rated an average 4.6% nationwide which is 1.1% higher than “Strongest Deliveryman” episode 1 ratings. Recently, KBS released new stills of Yunho’s cameo appearance which is set to air in tonight’s episode.

Meanwhile, the new JTBC drama which took over the time slot previously occupied by “Age Of Youth 2,” “The Package” rated an average of 1.7% which is lower than “Age Of Youth 2” first episode ratings of 2.2%.

“The Package” has aired its first episode on October 13 at 11 p.m. the drama follows a group of people led by a Korean tour guide around Paris, France. They get to know each other and develop into friends through various events.

Have you checked out the new dramas yet? Which one do you prefer?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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  1. How you judge a drama before watching it? before you rush to judge him for his acting from the previous drama that does require him to act cold and cool all the time, you better watch the package first. Yonghwa’s acting skill improved a lotttt in this drama. Even Knetizen agree.

  2. I’ve seen The Package and I find it very good. I didn’t know JYH at that time but after watching him, I became a fan. I love his acting and I think he’s great in everything he does. This is just my opinion.

    I want to ask. Have you seen it already? How was it in your opinion?

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