Girls Generation’s Seohyun Limits Comments On Her Instagram, Is This Related To Kim Jung Hyun’s Attitude Controversy?

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Girls Generation’s Seohyun has limited comments in relation to her Instagram account.

The beloved idol-actress has been receiving massive support amid the resurfacing of Kim Jung Hyun’s attitude towards her and the staff of “Time.” The actors had done a drama together and he was severely criticized for his attitude towards her during the drama press conference.

While the issue happened in 2018, it was brought up recently after Kim Jung Hyun was involved in dating rumors and a dispute with his agency regarding his contract period due to the hiatus he took after suddenly departing “Time.”

Since the newly released posts and reports, fans and nonfans have been sending support to Seohyun, many have been writing encouraging comments on her Instagram.

Recently, fans noticed that Seohyun has limited those who can comment on her Instagram posts. [see below screenshots]

It is unknown why Seohyun has done this but many media outlets reported that it has something to do with the resurfacing of controversy surrounding her past drama.

Seohyun has not publicly addressed the situation aside from an interview in 2018 where she denied having issues with Kim Jung Hyun, read it here.

What are your thoughts on this?

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