G-dragon’s Extremely Thin Figure At Chanel Event Worries Fans

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On the 21st of June Chanel has held an event called “Chanel’s exhibition Mademoiselle Privé”. The event took place at D-Museum in Seoul.

So many celebrities were in attendance for this glamorous event, including GD, CL and Blackpink’s Jennie and more.

But it was Gdragon’s very slim figure that attracted much attention at the event.

The idol performed in the event a special version of Crayon and attended it as well, he looked so stylish but very thin, thinner than his usual self.

The idol is known to be thin, but his face seems to be very thin in this event worse than what he usually looks like.

In an Instagram post of Harper Bazaar Korea you can see the idol glancing at the camera with his slim face.

Some fans think that its because the idol has been touring and traveling often that he’s lost more weight, while some others say that its because of T.O.P’s issue that took a toll on him.

V.I.Ps are sending messages of love to their oppa asking him to take care of himself.

Please take care of yourself oppa and don’t forget to eat well.

Do you think the idol lost so much weight?

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