Four Idols Have Been Involved In Dating Rumors Today ALONE, Here Is Why

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November 13 has been a very busy day for these idols and actors!

In the early morning of November 13, SBS FunE reported that 2AM’s Jinwoon and former 9MUSES member Kyungri had been dating for two years (since 2017).

SBS FunE cited industry insiders who claimed the two are serious about each other and would usually meet up when he’s on a break from the military without paying much attention to their surroundings.

A little later, 2AM Jinwoon’s agency confirmed the couple has been dating through an official statement. They explained that they developed feelings for each other and began meeting since late-2017.

The couple had previously released a duet track titled “White Christmas” in December 2017 and also appeared on Comedy TV’s variety show “Guys Who Buy New Products” together. 2AM Jinwoon is currently serving the military.

But this wasn’t the only dating news released today, because shortly after, The Rose’s Woosung and Lee Yoo Bi were suspected to be dating each other.

What started the suspicions were their Instagram accounts, Woosung and Lee Yoo Bi uploaded posts with the same background in Paris, France, this led many netizens to believe the two were dating. Photos of them at a Halloween party also resurfaced adding fuel to the fire.

However, that turned out to have been netizens’ minds running wild because shortly after, their agencies denied the rumors. Woosung’s agency J&Star Company stated to Newsen that they’re ‘acquaintances,’ and had met in Paris for a scheduled by the company thus both of them attended the same events.

A source close to Lee Yoo Bi also added that they’re close because they have many mutual acquaintances and had attended that Halloween party with those acquaintances.

It’s very uncommon to have more than one dating piece a day in South Korea, so today was indeed a busy day for the press. Dating is still considered a taboo in Kpop because of fans’ mentality, they believe their idols belong to them and usually, those dating rumors have an effect on the idols careers. You can read more about this here.

What are your thoughts on these dating news?

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