“Forecasting Love And Weather” Already Became The 9th Most Watched JTBC Drama Ever, K-Netizens Discuss The Drama’s Surprising Success

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Forecasting Love And Weather” has been on a roll since its premiere and the episodes it aired across the weekend already cemented it as one of the highest rated JTBC dramas of all time, with 12 more episodes to go, the drama is expected to reach even better numbers.

Across the weekend, “Forecasting Love And Weather” 3rd and 4th episodes rated 6.7% and 7.8% respectively, marking a new high for the drama. The drama also reached 9% in viewership ratings in the metropolitan area with its 4th episode almost breaking past the 10% rating mark, a rarity for dramas in general and especially cable dramas with a paid subscription.

Thus, “Forecasting Love And Weather” has already become one of the highest-rated JTBC dramas of all time, as of this writing, the drama is at No. 9. It took over “The Good Detective” spot at No. 9, which had ended with 7.6%.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” had a rough road ahead of it, it took over the controversial time slot previously occupied by “Snowdrop” which had rated in the 2-4% throughout the majority of its run and faced numerous controversies.

Despite all odds against the drama, it ended up performing way better than expected, and k-netizens are sharing their opinions on the reason behind its success.

Many k-netizens praised the drama for being “well-written, and enjoyable,” many also talked about how relatable the plot was for the average viewer since it deals with office romance and issues at work. A lot of praise is also being directed at Park Min Young, many spoke of how well she portrayed the character. Some k-netizens are also praising Song Kang’s acting saying he has improved a lot.

Are you currently watching “Forecasting Love And Weather”?

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