First Stills Of Kim Dong Jun In “About Time” Released

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Following Lee Seo Won’s sexual harassment and threatening charges with a weapon swept the news, production team behind tvN’s “About Time” decided to replace him with idol-actor ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun.

It was revealed that had cancelled his entire upcoming schedule and prepared to join shooting for the drama as soon as possible.

Kim Dong Jun is taking on the role of a musical director Jo Jae Yoo who never failed anything in his life, he is praised for his musicality, he is also envied by many people.

The newly released stills shows Kim Dong Jun perfectly embodying his character, he sits down in a theatre watching auditions, he looks unimpressed by the people auditioning. His face changes completely when he sees Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung)’s performance.

It was revealed that this was his first scene; he impressed the production staff with his attitude and his performance, through an official statement the production staff said that the filming went smoothly, they also asked for viewers to look forward to Kim Dong Jun’s performance.

“About Time” has already aired its first episode yesterday on May 21.

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