Kim Yuna And Ko Woo Rim Thanks Everyone For Congratulations On Their Wedding + Share Photos From The Wedding Ceremony

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Figure Skating Champion Kim Yuna and FORESTELLA’s Ko Woo Rim  have expressed their feelings after their dream-like wedding ceremony.

On October 24, Ko Woo Rim said that with the blessings of many people, they have a meaningful wedding that they will cherish for the rest of their lives and thanked the people for their congratulations to the couple.

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna and FORESTELLA’s Ko Woo Rim had a wedding in Seoul on October 22 after three years of dating. Shin Dong Yeop hosted the ceremony and FORESTELLA sang the congratulatory song. The wedding song is known to be called “In Un’altra Vita,” which was the same song sung at the All That Skating Ice Show where Ko Woo Rim and Kim Yuna first met, adding meaning to the event.

After the movie-like wedding, Kim Yuna also said,

“I met a good person and promised our future together, and now I had a beautiful wedding under the blessings of many people. I sincerely thank everyone who congratulated us. Because of so many blessings like this, I will do my best to live my life.”

Since then, they have shared many wedding photos for fans around the world. Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim, who entered at the same time, had a movie-like wedding amid the guests’ congratulations. The couple added warmth and pleased the people who saw the wedding with happy smiles. Fans responded to Kim Yuna’s wedding photo by saying, “Isn’t this a national marriage?” “As long as she is happy,” and “Such a beautiful couple,” etc.

The following is Ko Woo Rim’s full statement:

With the blessing of many people, we had a meaningful wedding that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I will work hard to live a life full of happiness by receiving the blessings of those who were with me and those who congratulated me. Thank you ♥

Don’t they look beautiful together?

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