Fight My Way Sees HUGE Jump In Ratings And Crosses The 10% Ratings Mark

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Fight My Way is capturing the public’s attention and the ratings results prove it.

The cast of Fight My Way has been gaining the public attention and love for their quirky, young and wild personalities, making fans fall in love with them.

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The 3rd episode aired today and the rating results shows that the public is indeed very interested in the drama, the cast, and the plot.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 3rd episode recorded an astonishing 10.7%, this is 4.7% jump from the 2nd episode last week, which was 6%.

The first 2 episodes came in last place in the ratings battle last week, but since the SBS drama Whisper finished its run, the audience is now focused on Fight My Way.

My sassy girl premiered today and was off to a very solid start coming in second place with its first part recording 8.5% and 9.3% for the second part.

At third place, the new MBC drama Lookout recorded 5.6 and 6.6% for the first and second part respectively.

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My Reaction

MANNNNNN I am happy, I seriously thought that Korea was going to sleep on this drama, I was very disappointed in the first and second episodes ratings because the drama is GOLD.

Luckily for them the drama shot into the first place so fast with its 3rd episode, I am so happy with today’s episode ratings, I just finished watching the 3rd episode, and I am in love with this drama.

This will be my new addiction, the worst and best part about it is that it only airs twice a week, I cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode I am so into Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won.

Have you guys been keeping up with Fight My Way? Did you watch it yet?

I recommend you check out my slight recap and review of the first and second episode.

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