Fight My Way Releases First Look At Kwak Si Yang’s Special Cameo Appearance

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Fight my way will be adding yet another talented actor to its special cameo appearance list. 

Kwak Si Yang was confirmed to make a special cameo appearance on the drama and KBS has finally released two teaser photos of the actor on set.

The actor will play the part of Nam Ill beginning this 11th episode which aired today until the final episode of the drama.

Nam Ill is the name of the villa Nam Ill Villa which houses our four main characters in the drama, it’s the villa Hwang Bok Hee’s character is currently attending to it.

His cameo appearance attracted lots of interest because many fans have been forming theories about what could be the identity of Hwang Bok Hee.

A source from KBS revealed:

“Kwak Si Yang will play his cameo role in ‘Fight My Way’ starting with episode 11, which will air on June 26, until the final episode.”

Source: (A)

My Reaction

This drama keeps impressing me, I just can’t get enough of it.

I don’t usually see many kdrams using this approach of adding special cameo appearances to popular kdrama actors who move the drama forward.

Fight my way is really shaping out to be one of the best kdramas of 2017, I cannot wait to see what Kwak Si Yang oppa has to offer.

I watched him in Chicago Typewriter and he was amazing in it, I cannot wait to see how will he influence the characters and move the storyline forward.

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