“Fight My Way” Breaks All Previous Records With Surprising Bed Scene

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Fight My Way” is making more and more waves with each week.

Last week they broke their previous record and rated well above 10%, although the ratings went down a bit for last Tuesday’s episode seems like this week its only getting better.

According to Nielsen Korea, the KBS 2TV drama “Fight My Way” rated 12.1%. This is a 2.3% increase from the previous episode.

Fight My Way” had took over “My Sassy Girl – Drama” number one spot and knocked it down to number 2 in the ratings battle.

MBC “Lookout” rated 7.2% and 7.7% while SBS “My Sassy Girl – Drama” rated 8.1% and 9.3%.

Stay tuned for the 9th episode of “Fight My Way” recap which will be out on jazminemedia.com today.

So much happened in the 9th episode of the drama this week which might explain the huge jump in ratings by more than 2%.

Dong Man and Ae Ra ended up together in the same bed in the last scene of the episode which hints at more romance to come.

The 10th episode ratings will probably be higher than 12% because more people will tune in to see what will happen between the leads after their night spent together.

Did you watch episode 9 of the drama?

What did you think of it?

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