Fans Plead For A Second Season Of “Itaewon Class” Focusing On A Love Line Between Park Bo Gum And Kwon Nara

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“Itaewon Class” final episode has aired today on March 21 and it has fans buzzing about hopes for a second season focusing on Park Bo Gum and Kwon Nara.

It was previously confirmed that Park Bo Gum would be making a cameo appearance on “Itaewon Class,” this was possible due to his relationship with producing director (PD) Kim Sung Yoon, with whom he worked together on the hit KBS drama “Love in the Moonlight” back in 2016.

Up until now, no one knew what kind of role Park Bo Gum would take on. Until the finale aired.


Kwon Nara’s character opens a new restaurant and is hiring chefs. Park Bo Gum appears as a chef applying for a job at her restaurant. When she meets him, she’s unable to hide her surprise, she mumbles to herself, ‘daebak,’ in reaction to his good looks.

Despite Hong Suk Chun urging her to hire him no matter what, she refuses to be biased and insists on tasting his food first before she decides. Park Bo Gum’s character cooks for her and nervously watches over her as she tastes his food, after taking a bite, Soo Ah says,

“Can you start working tomorrow?”

Park Bo Gum happily replies with, ‘yes, boss.”

The two shyly gaze at each other, fans thought they would make a cute couple and it seemed that the drama hinted at a potential romance between the two characters.

As you’d expect, Park Bo Gum’s name topped real-time search rankings after his appearance. Fans are pleading with the writer and director to create a second season of “Itaewon Class” that focuses on a love line between their characters. Have you seen “Itaewon Class” last episode yet? What did you think of it?

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