Famous Married Actor In His 40s Allegedly Played Golf With Women Working In The Adult Entertainment Industry In Japan

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Shocking news has been reported about a top star A, who is a married man in his 40s, playing golf with women from the adult entertainment industry in Japan.

According to SBS Entertainment News on November 22, A had a round with two women in their 30s and 40s at a golf resort located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, on October 31.

The women are reportedly employees of Korean adult entertainment industry in Akasaka, central Tokyo, who are working on illegal visas.

It is reported that they paid for their golf and dinner with B’s corporate card. In response, B explained, “It was a place for business purposes to discuss casting for a Korean-Japanese joint drama with A. I just urgently introduced women who are fluent in Japanese.”

A drawing the line, also said, “I had no idea that she was a woman working at an adult entertainment establishment. I saw them for the first time before playing golf that day. I didn’t even go to the bar.”

Attention is focused on the identity of the top actor and many netizens wonder whether his real name will be exposed in a later article by another media source.

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