“Falsify” Premieres To Number One In Ratings While “School 2017” Struggles To Keep An Audience

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Seems like the highly anticipated “School 2017” isn’t doing too well against its competition.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Falsify” aired its first two episodes yesterday and came in at number one and rated an average of 12.6%.

Following it is MBC’s “The Kings Love” which rated an average of 7.0%, and garnered the public attention and love.

In the last place lingers “School 2017” who is doing pretty bad compared to the expectation of audience and rated an average of 4.2%. “School 2017” got even lower ratings compared to last week’s episode, it started at 5.9%  and is declining ever since.

Many people are struggling to like the drama and are calling it unrealistic, many also believe the acting is not up to bar.

Have you checked out any of the new dramas yet? Do you have a favorite?

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