Shocking Facts About “Sweet Home” Cast: Get To Know The Cast Behind The New Hit Netflix Kdrama

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Netflix’s blockbuster drama “Sweet Home” has been the center of attention since its release less than a month ago. The Korean drama was able to attract fans from all around the world who checked it out because of its premise.

After it aired, many fans became curious about the cast and the drama production process. Today, we’re here to discuss the hit Netflix drama and reveal surprising facts about its cast and production.

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 “Sweet Home” is the most expensive original Netflix Korean drama production to date

With $2.7 million spent per episode, “Sweet Home” is the most expensive original Netflix Korean drama production to date beating “Kingdom” and “Mr. Sunshine.”

Hollywood special effects studio Legacy Effects worked on the monsters, they’re known for their works on the “Avengers,” “Avatar” and “X-Men.”

The visuals for the protein monster and spider monster were created by Spectral Motion, which worked on the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Korean VFX team Westworld worked on the computer graphics.

Song Kang didn’t know the drama had such a huge budget

Were you surprised by the hit drama production budget? So was Song Kang who talked about the pressure he felt as soon as he found out about the budget for the drama.

When he was cast, he wasn’t aware that the drama had a total budget of around $27 million, he said,

“After I heard about it, I suddenly felt a lot of pressure. I thought a lot about how I could better lead the show as Hyun Soo. I needed to show both the good and evil Hyun Soo, so I had a lot of thoughts about the character in general.”

Lee Do Hyun Originally Auditioned For Cha Hyun Su

Who could’ve imagined Hyun Soo played by Lee Do Hyun? Apparently, the rising rookie actor originally auditioned for the role of the lead.

In an interview, Lee Do Hyun admitted he had auditioned for Cha Hyun Soo and had gone to the interview prepared for that specific role. However, they gave him the script for the character Eun Hyuk instead.

As a result, Lee Do Hyun had almost no time to prepare for the reading, he prepared for it in 10 minutes and auditioned, he didn’t think he’d get the part and was shocked when he found out he’s been chosen, he added,

“It was an amazing experience to work with Director Lee Eung Bok.”

Song Kang Would Like To Reunite With Lee Do Hyun On Another Project

We aren’t the only ones who want to see more of Song Kang and Lee Do Hyun together; Song Kang would also like to work with him on another project if the chance arises.

Since they’re both around the same age, (Lee Do Hyun was born in 1995; Song Kang in 1994), Song Kang said that they had a good connection and despite their characters relationship in the drama, he liked working with him and would like to reunite again on a new project with him soon,

“It would be nice if we could play really close friends. Something like Hye Young and Sun Oh in ‘Love Alarm.’”

Lee Do Hyun Will Reunite With Go Min Si For Another Drama Soon

Did you like their sibling relationship in “Sweet Home”? Fans will get to see Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si again on screen very soon.

Not too long ago, it was confirmed that Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si will reunite in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Youth of May” (literal title).

Addressing the casting news, Lee Do Hyun talked about how excited he was and how he’d like to properly show his chemistry with her this time since they’ll be playing lovers instead.

“Youth of May” is set in the 1980s and is planned to air in the first half of 2021.

Lee Do Hyun Would Like To Return For The Second Season Of “Sweet Home”

Note: spoilers of episode 10 of “Sweet Home” ahead

Many fans cried a lot after it was revealed that Eun Hyuk was likely to die in the building as it collapses in the last episode of “Sweet Home.” Since he began to turn into a monster, he decided not to inconvenient others and stayed behind.

But there is hope, many fans hope that he’ll turn into a monster before the building collapses and is able to escape.

In a recent interview, Lee Do Hyun talked about the death of his character and said he’d love to find out what happens to Eun Hyuk, and if there is a chance for a second season, he’d like to surely be a part of it. He’d like to become the type of monster like Hyun Su who’d turn into one and defend his loved ones when needed.

Lee Si Young’s Character Didn’t Exist In The Webtoon

A lot of people are raving about Lee Si Young’s performance in “Sweet Home,” but did you know that her character didn’t originally exist in the webtoon?

She plays the role of the former firefighter Seo Yi Kyung. She is the only character in the drama that wasn’t in the webtoon. Many fans believe that the addition enriched the plot and benefited the drama.

The Hit Director Behind “Sweet Home” Who’s Known For His Other Works

During various rounds of interviews, the cast of “Sweet Home” talked fondly of the director who worked on the drama and he’s someone you’ve probably seen projects of before.

Director Lee Eung Bok had previously worked on the hit dramas “Goblin” and “Mr. Sunshine,” he was the perfect director for the drama.  

So, which one of these facts about “Sweet Home” cast surprised you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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