EXO’s Sehun To Lead Upcoming Drama About High School Romance

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EXO’s Sehun has chosen his next drama!

On March 24, it was confirmed by SM Entertainment that Sehun was selected to lead the upcoming high school romance drama “Love, Hara High School.”

“Love, Hara High School” is a story about the strong friendships and love between 18-year-olds youths who cannot give up on love and friendship. The drama also adds an interesting idea by introducing cellular memory, which is a hypothesis that memories can be stored in individual cells outside the brain.

Sehun will play Go Yoo, he is a handsome sophomore, who grows taller every day and has a passion for basketball. He doesn’t study but seems to get average grades, he also doesn’t have time to date and is only focusing on protecting his friend Joon Hee, but after donating his kidney for Joon Hee, he becomes rivals in love with Joon Hee for the number one student in school and his first love So Yeon due to the cellular memory syndrome.

Sehun has previously appeared in “EXO Next Door” in 2015 and “Dokgo Rewind” in 2018, and he recently made his debut on the big screen through the movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag.” Recently, Sehun has appeared in SBS’ “Now We Are Breaking Up.”

Fans are overjoyed with this news and can’t wait to see Sehun in this drama.

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“Love, Hara High School” will begin filming in April and is expected to premiere sometime this year.

Are you excited to watch this drama?  

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

That’s an interesting premise but I am a bit surprised that he’s taking on the role of a high school student at this age. Let me explain.

Sehun is 27 and will become 28 in April, he also most likely has to enlist later this year. His acting roles have been far and in-between so the choice to likely make his last project ahead of his enlistment one as a high school student makes me wonder.

When he’ll come back, he’ll be in his 30s, if I were him, I’d focus on serious roles of men in their twenties [similarly to what he did in “Now We Are Breaking Up”] to lay the ground for bigger projects for myself in the future. Not that he’ll have a hard time when he returns, but I assumed he wouldn’t necessarily pick high school student type of roles at this stage in his career. Thinking about it a bit more, I see the appeal and the plot sounds interesting so I am excited to see how this turns out.

With all of this in mind, Sehun’s acting has improved. Another drama added to the watch-list. I can’t wait to see who stars opposite him.

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