EXO D.O. Transforms Into A Bad Prosecutor In Newly Released Poster Of Upcoming Drama+ Shares Thoughts About His Role

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KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama has released special poster of EXO D.O. who is seen trying to transform into a bad prosecutor and the actor shares his thoughts about his role.

On September 15, KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” released special poster featuring EXO D.O., which shows a powerful performance in the scene of some incident.

In the poster released, D.O. watches someone from the car and is alert with a camera as if he is trying to capture an important moment. He even came to the site to succeed in the investigation, and he exudes extraordinary charisma with his sharp eyes.

“Bad Prosecutor” is an action investigation drama that breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and the group of evil living in it.

EXO D.O. plays the role of Jin Jung, a prosecutor who will remain in the prosecution’s history. At the same time, he will punish those in power who are corrupt with expedient rather than political law, trick more, and are dishonest rather than sincere, and at the same time repay the wicked by ten times in a way that makes it “an eye for an eye.”

D.O. briefly and clearly explained about the character Jin Jung by saying, “Jin Jung is a prosecutor who fights for justice. The script was so fun and the story was pleasant. I’ve never done this kind of work before, so I think there’s a lot of charm when I’m playing him.”

The first episode will air on October 5.

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