EXO D.O. And Lee Se Hee’s Upcoming Drama “Bad Prosecutor” Releases Powerful First Trailer

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KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama has released the first trailer featuring EXO D.O. and Lee Se Hee.

On September 20, KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” released the first trailer featuring EXO D.O. and Lee Se Hee, showing a powerful performance.

“Bad Prosecutor” is an action investigation drama that breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and the group of evil living in it.

EXO D.O. plays the role of Jin Jung, a prosecutor who will remain in the prosecution’s history. At the same time, he will punish those in power who are corrupt with expedient rather than political law, trick more, and are dishonest rather than sincere, and at the same time repay the wicked by ten times in a way that makes it “an eye for an eye.”

In the trailer released, D.O. is raising expectations by showcasing a side of himself in the teaser video that declares war on bad guys as the unprecedented prosecutor. First of all, D.O. raises curiosity by kicking the door with a wooden sword. With the sound of the window breaking apart, the caption “Hit the back of the head of a bad guy” is shown, drawing attention.

In particular, while he’s running wild and breaking things, he says, “Do you know what I felt while living on here? “To catch guys like you, you have to be more vicious and hit the back head!”

Check out the trailer below!

The production team said, “The first teaser informs the rise of the Jin Jong, a ‘test for defects’ to punish evil. Please pay a lot of attention to the ‘Bad Prosecutor’ that will show various charms through differentiated comedy, action, laughter, and emotional touch of the drama.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on Wednesday, October 5.

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