Actress Seo Yoo Jung Personally Reveals She Got Divorced From Her Non-Celebrity Husband A While Back

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Actress Seo Yoo Jung has confessed that she got divorced from her non-celebrity husband.

On February 24, Seo Yoo Jung said,

I got married, formed a family, had a child, and lived hard, but I don’t think we’re been able to keep our promise to each other. It’s been a long time since I got out of my married life.

Since I was also afraid to hurt my family so I halted myself. But I think it’s right to tell you this by myself first since it’s something you’ll find out someday eventually, so I took the courage to say this.

It was not an easy choice (to divorce), and I’m very scared while writing this now. I took the courage to tell this for my Cheon Sa (daughter’s name) and myself. I’m sorry for all the people who cared about me and supported me. I want to tell you.

Because I can’t protect my family, I want to say that I feel sorry for my child. I’m sorry for my family. I’m so sorry for making Cheon Sa go through what she shouldn’t have to go through. I’ll be a mother who doesn’t hide anymore. I will do my best to protect you.”

After posting this, Seo Yoo Jung switched her account to private.

Meanwhile, Seo Yoo Jung made her debut in 1996 as a talent for the 25th recruitment of MBC. She married a non-celebrity man three years older than her in 2017 and gave birth to her daughter in 2019.

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