“Doubtful Victory” Ends With A High Note, “Radio Romance” Achieve Lower Ratings

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“Doubtful Victory” ended with a high note!

The popular SBS drama has came on top for its final episodes.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Doubtful Victory” rated 7.7% and 9% for its 39th and 40th episode, this is higher than its last episode.

The drama broke its own personal record of 8.5%.

Meanwhile, the new KBS 2TV drama “Radio Romance” rated 5.2% which is 0.3% lower than its first episode. Coming in second place. MBC’s “White Tower” rated 4.4% and 5.0%.

Next week, “Should We Kiss First” will air its first episode joining the ratings race and overtaking the time slot previously occupied by “Doubtful Victory.”

My Thoughts

I didn’t expect “Radio Romance” to rate even lower. I checked out episode 1 and its actually okay, I don’t understand the backlash to be honest with you.

The ratings aren’t serving Kim So Hyun well, not as well as we had expected them to. The drama (so far) looks great, I feel like it’ll rate higher with next week’s episode.

“Should We Kiss First” is about older couples, this could either become a huge hit or a miss (my expectations), its about older couples so older people will tune in. lets see how the ratings change next week!

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