Don’t Expect A Second Season From “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” To Come Soon, The Director Explains Why

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Yoo In Sik, the director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” has spoken about the possibility of season 2 of the drama and more.

On August 31, the Korea Creative Content Agency opened Asia’s largest international broadcasting and video market “BCWW 2022” at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. The event, which will be held until the 2nd of next month, will bring together officials from more than 36 countries around the world under the slogan “The Beginning of New Content” this year.

On the special session under the theme of “The Influence and Possibility of K-Content,” about “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” held from 10 a.m., was attended by Ace Story’s producer Lee Sang Baek and director Yoo In Sik, who directed the drama.

Regarding the possibility of season 2, Yoo In Sik, the director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” said, “There is hope and intentions, but it will take time to produce season 2.”

He further elaborated saying,

Unlike the U.S., our country south Korea is not familiar with planning and producing with another season in mind yet. It is true that we don’t want to part with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” easily because of the drama’s unexpected popularity, and also actors have a great affection for the Hanbada team.”

Regarding the delay in the production of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” he explained,

But we need time to coordinate the schedules of actors and other staff members and systemize conditions. I’m in the middle of preparing for ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Season 3’ so it’s not easy for season 2 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” to come out so soon.”

In addition, regarding the popularity of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” overseas, he said,

I asked a Netflix official why because I was so surprised that the drama was popular overseas even though I didn’t try to match with overseas sensitivity. They said that the Korean audience’s favorite works have also achieved great results overseas. Korea is small, but the content market is fierce. Thanks to this, it seems that the number of viewers has increased a lot. I am proud of my global popularity of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’”

Are you waiting for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2”?

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