Dispatch Shares More Screenshots Of Kim Seon Ho And His Ex-Girlfriend Conversations Around The Time Of Her Pregnancy

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Dispatch has returned with a new report about Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah.

Recently, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend; Choi Young Ah; came out with scathing allegations against him, she accused him of forcing her to have an abortion and of gaslighting her. It ended with Kim Seon Ho’s apology and admission to what she wrote. Subsequently, Kim Seon Ho was dropped from his upcoming projects and lost many of his existing advertisement deals.

On October 26 when Dispatch released the full record of what they claim to be the timeline of Kim Seon Ho’s relationship with his ex. This led to the public shifting gears and siding with him.

On November 1, Dispatch published a new report of Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah and their conversations around the time she found she was pregnant. Dispatch stated that the post she wrote was detailed enough to sound plausible, thus, they’ve decided to release even more screenshots of conversations.

Dispatch reveals that at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic on July 24, 2020, Choi Young Ah exchanged 284 KakaoTalk messages with Kim Seon Ho from 5:16 p.m. to 8:23 p.m. Those 22 pages of conversation were obtained from her acquaintances whom she had sent to.

The gist of the conversations especially at first was that Kim Seon Ho was serious about the issue, he says, “Honey, I’ll take responsibility no matter what happens.” Kim Seon Ho told her multiple times they should tell their parents about this and even suggested marriage which is a stark contrast from her original post.

Through the shared conversations, Kim Seon Ho appears to be happy about the baby, but worried about his girlfriend too because its true that she can’t get pregnant again if she aborts the baby, he was aware of that. While Choi Young Ah claims in her original post that he started referring to her as ‘his’ after it happened, the records show that Kim Seon Ho has been referring to her as ‘his person’ since July 2020.

Choi Young Ah claimed she had to move places because of his sensitivity, to that, the acquaintance shared, “She changed her license plate because she said women related to her ex-husband were threatening her.”

In the messages, Kim Seon Ho did mention ‘damages’ this would cause but took it back and called himself pathetic for having said it.

Trouble began for the couple in July of 2020 and in 2021, they broke up. It officially happened in May of 2021. According to her acquaintances, Choi Young Ah refused to accept the breakup, she had gone to church, temples, got tarot readings and more, she couldn’t bear to see him active, the acquaintance said, “But meanwhile she kept on seeing those guys around her.”

SALT Entertainment briefly commented on the report stating, “We have nothing to say. Sorry.”

Source: Dispatch

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  1. It s time to put this issues to rest. How much more can the public and the media beat this couple up. They messed up their relationship and their reputation, we all need to move on.

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