Lee Seung Gi’s Ex-manager Exposes CEO Kwon’s Alleged Power Abuse And Mistreatment Towards The Actor

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Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young has been hit with more accusations by Lee Seung Gi’s ex-manager.

On December 6th, Dispatch published an interview with manager A, who claims to have worked with Lee Seung Gi at Hook Entertainment at the time of the actor’s debut 20 years ago.

In the interview, Mr. A alleges that the CEO called Lee Seung Gi to sing songs at a Karaoke while having drinks with her acquaintances. Mr. A recalled that Lee Seung Gi lived in Sangye-dong at that time and the CEO called him all the way to Gangnam, which is far away.

The manager also alleged that CEO Kwon reportedly did not even take care of Seung Gi’s meals and the situation was really bad for him.

According to Mr. A claims even when Lee Seung Gi was a rookie, he sang three songs on the event schedule and received a fee of 7 to 8 million won [around 6,000 to 7,000 USD] and 9 to 10 million won when he went to local schedules. The fee was so high that he had run 2 to 3 schedules a day. However, CEO Kwon reportedly only paid 150,000 won [110$] a week to Lee Seung Gi and his team members.

Because of this, Lee Seung Gi would allegedly eat a triangular kimbap while leaving for the early morning schedule. In addition, when drinking coffee, CEO Kwon used to scold the manager about the coffee brand so Seung Gi had to buy coffee at his own expense.

Mr. A also accused CEO Kwon of verbally abusing the actor 20 years ago claiming she always tried to kill Lee Seung Gi’s spirit by saying that he cannot make it.

Earlier, Lee Seung Gi demanded for proof of contents from his agency through the law firm Pacific Ocean on November 17, saying that he had not properly received the proceeds of his music for over 18 years when he signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment. Hook Entertainment has been in the middle of controversy after being raided by the National Police Agency.

Later, Dispatch released an alleged audio recording, which is the conversation between CEO Kwon, the director of Hook Entertainment, and the manager of Lee Seung Gi at a meeting on November 17, which caused a stir and the repercussions grew. Following the explosive report, Hook Entertainment announced that the claims regarding not paying music profit earnings are false and they have cleared all debt relations between the parties when they renewed the contract with Lee Seung Gi around 2021. However, the legal representative Lee Seung Gii refuted Hook Entertainment’s statement and concluded that any further discussion with the agency is meaningless. the actor has since filed to have his contract terminated with the agency.


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