Disney + Releases “Rookie Cops” Characters’ Posters And Their MBTI Types

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Disney + new series “Rookie Cops” starring Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-Bin has released new posters!

The drama will tell the story of the love and challenges of young people in a police university, and their dreams, ambitions, romance, and challenges in life. The cast includes Kang Daniel, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Shin Young, Park Seong Jun, Min Dohee, Kim Woo Seol, Cheon Young Min, and Park Yoo Na.  

The posters give us a little insight into every character’s unique traits by showing their MBTI personality types.  

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Kang Daniel plays Wi Seung-Hyun, an honors freshman who entered the police university following his father’s steps, his MBTI is ISTJ.

Chae Soo Bin plays Go Eun Gang, a troublemaking freshman who entered the police station to chase after her one-sided crush, her MBTI is ESFP.

Lee Shin Young plays Kim Tak, Wi Seung Hyun’s best friend who was a former judo athlete but ends up a freshman at the police university, his MBTI is ISFP.

Park Yoo Na plays Ki Han Na, a girl who is independent and likes to do things on her own which goes against the nature of the university where they embrace teamwork, her MBTI is ISTP.

Park Sung Joon Plays Yoo Dae Il, a fan of police-themed dramas, his MBTI is ENFP.

Min Dohee plays Woo Joo Young, a free-spirited girl who dreams of becoming a forensic science technician, her MBTI is INFJ.

Kim Woo Seok plays Seo Beom Joo, a freshman who like to plan everything ahead and has surprisingly good dance skills, his MBTI is ESTJ.

Cheon Young Min plays Shin Ah Ri, a ulzzang freshman, her MBTI is INFP.

“Rookie Cops” is going to premiere in the first half of 2022!

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