Shocking Details About The Actor Who Attempted To Murder His Actress Wife Revealed, Including Self-Harm And Multiple Calls To Police Prior To The Attack

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Recently, the case of a Korean actress who was stabbed by her actor husband became a hot topic in South Korea, and new details about the case reveal the shocking events that led up to the attempted murder.

Warning: description of attack and self-harm

On June 14, news outlets reported that the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul had arrested a man in his 30s on charges of attempted murder. The unnamed man is an actor. He was caught by police trying to murder his wife who also happens to be a known actress.

The unnamed man was caught on charges of attempted murder. He reportedly stabbed her with a knife in the lobby of his home in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, at around 8:40 AM.

The police say they arrived at the residence and caught the husband in the act.

The newly shared details reveal what led up to the attempted murder.

It was revealed that police has been called three times hours before the attack happened. The actress called police on June 13 at 11:43 pm and told them to remove her husband from her home. He was removed and ordered to stay away from her. He then attempted to force himself inside the home in the early hours of the morning, the actress called police again and when they showed up he was gone.

After police left, the husband then called his wife and threatened he would commit suicide, then he reportedly stabbed himself in the leg resulting in an injury, a passerby saw him and called police. Police took him to the hospital so he can receive treatment.

The husband then left the hospital and returned home waiting for his wife to return from taking her daughter to school. When she arrived, she was attached by him getting stabbed several times.

Previous reports said the couple had separated and the actress had filed a restraining order against him.

The actress was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. She was stabbed in her neck but luckily survived and is not in a critical condition.

The actress is reported to be in her 40s, she debuted as a model before making her debut as a singer then as an actress later on. She gained a lot of popularity in the late 2000s appearing as a supporting actress in various known dramas.

The identity of the actor couple has not been publicly revealed yet. Netizens are showing a lot of interest in the case.

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