Dara Shares A Photo From Cheese In The Trap Wrap Up Party Featuring All The Main Cast

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Seems like it won’t be long from now until we see the film adaptation of “Cheese In The Trap”.

The idol-turned-actress Dara shared a personal photo of the cast wrap up party to her Instagram audience.

She posted the photo on the 25th of June and wrote this caption to it:

“Cheese In The Trap wrap up party. Our director eyes are closed in this photo. Sorry about that~ You still look great.”

The photo features the entire main cast of the movie adaptation of the highly popular manhwa with the same title, it includes Park Hae Jin, Oh Yeon Seo, Park Ki Woong, Yoo, In Young, and the director as well.

A source confirmed to Osen that the movie will finish filming on the 22nd of June with Park Hae Jin being the last one to finish up filming.

There is yet to be a release date confirmed for the movie, but many fans are eagerly waiting to see how the movie will compare to the drama.

Will you be checking out the movie when its released?

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