Coupang Play To Release An Extended Version Of “Anna”

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Coupang Play has confirmed that they will be releasing an extended version of their popular series “Anna”!

“Anna” is a series that tells the story of a woman who starts off by telling a small lie and winds up living as someone else. Suzy plays Yoo Mi, the woman who lies and ends up living someone else’s life. Jung Eun Chae plays Hyun Joo, Yoo Mi’s former boss who is born into a wealthy family and enjoys her expensive lifestyle without consideration or malice. Kim Jun Han plays Ji Hoon, Anna’s ambitious husband, while Park Ye Young plays Jiwon, the only person who Anna (Yoo Mi) trusts and relies on. 

On July 8, it was confirmed that the series “Anna,” which received a lot of love and praise from viewers, will be returning in August with an extended version.

“Anna” was originally planned as an eight-episode series but it was then changed into a six-episode series. And now due to the series getting popular and having many favorable responses, it was decided that an extended version will be released soon in August with the actors coming back with more colorful and interesting stories.

Are you excited to watch the extended version?

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