Coffee Company Denies Kim Sae Ron Working As A Part-Time Worker For Them After She Shares Photos Of Herself In Their Apron

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A coffee company has claimed that Kim Sae Ron is not working for them as a part-time worker after she shared photos of herself working wearing the apron and hat of Company A.

Regarding the recent post of Kim Sae Ron where she is seen wearing an apron and hat of franchise A, Company A cleared the air about her working for the company, saying, “It has been confirmed that Kim Sae Ron has never worked as an official part-time job at any of our store in the country.”

On March 11, an official in charge of promoting Company A explained, “The store owner knows that the part-timer at store B in Gyeonggi-do is friends with Kim Sae Ron, and the store owner said that Kim Sae Ron has never worked there. We are trying to figure out the exact situation because she quit last September. After the photo was reported, we heard that the store owner was also aware of the issue as a phone call came to the headquarters. The photo at the dark kitchen was not taken at our store. We don’t have a separate baking space.”

Earlier in the morning of March 11, Kim Sae Ron posted some photos of her looking like she was working part-time and baking on her personal account.

In the photo, Kim Sae Ron appeared to be working at a coffee chain. In addition, she posted a photo of herself smiling brightly while wearing part-time job clothes and working at a counter. The intention of this post is unknown, but it made people think that she is working part-time there.

Kim Sae Ron said through her legal representative at the first trial of the Seoul Central District Court on March 8, “Kim Sae Ron, who has been supporting her family as a head of the family, is suffering from financial difficulties after paying damages,” but she was criticized after it was revealed that she hired six lawyers since then.

Previously, it was revealed that Kim Sae Ron was caught by police drunk driving. The actress was revealed to have caused damage to the surrounding buildings and a traffic light since she hit a transformer. This was followed by a statement by her agency acknowledging the drunk driving, the actress has also released a personal apology letter and stepped down from one of her upcoming dramas.

Her agency also followed up with a statement confirming the blood alcohol content at the time of the incident. It was approximately 0.2 percent, a level high enough for her driver’s license to be revoked.

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