Choi Min Soo and Yeonwoo Confirmed To Join INFINTE’s L And Choi Jin Hyuk In MBC’s New Office Drama

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Choi Min Soo and Yeonwoo have confirmed their appearance in MBC’s new drama “Number: Watchdogs In The Building Forest.”

MBC’s “Number: Watchdogs In The Building Forest” tells the story of Jang Ho Woo, who has a tragic family history, joining Taeil Accounting Firm as the first and only high school graduate accountant to realize his dreams of justice.

Following INFINITE‘s L, Sungyeol and Choi Jin Hyuk, who previously confirmed their casting, Choi Min Soo and Yeonwoo also confirmed their appearance, drawing expectations by completing a casting lineup with a unique presence. Choi Min Soo will return to MBC drama after a long time since MBC’s “Man Who Dies To Live” aired in 2017.

Choi Min Soo plays the role of Han Je Kyun, vice president of Taeil Accounting Corporation and father of Seung Jo (Choi Jin Hyuk). Je Kyun is a powerful figure who holds all the secrets and information of Taeil’s accounting firm with a natural resource, always emphasizes the ethics and social responsibility of accountants but is actually the most sensitive to numbers and calculations. Choi Min Soo, an actor who has shown outstanding acting skills and an irreplaceable presence across movies and dramas, will stress tension into the drama with his unrivaled charisma through this work. Attention is focused on Choi Min Soo’s performance, who will portray Han Je Kyun more realistically than anyone else.

Yeonwoo, who won the 2022 Acting Award for Best New Artist with MBC drama “The Golden Spoon” last year, decided on “Number: Watchdogs In The Building Forest” as her next work. Yeonwoo plays Jin Yeon Ah, a senior assistant at Taeil’s accounting firm. Yeon Ah is a cute and lovely person who knows that numbers are scary but doesn’t know that world is also scary, becomes a defender of Jang Ho Woo (played by L), who became an accountant after graduating from high school. Therefore, the chemistry between the two is already intriguing. In particular, attention is focused on what kind of new charm Yeonwoo, who showed solid acting and perfect character synchronization, will show through this drama.

As such, “Number: Watchdogs In The Building Forest” has completed a reliable casting lineup, including L, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Min Soo, and Yeonwoo. While expectations are high on what new charm they will attract viewers’ attention through this drama, the production team of “Number” said, “The four actors, L, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Min Soo, and Yeonwoo all fit perfectly with their characters. The actors’ performance will fill the drama perfectly. You can look forward to what synergy these actors will have when they work together. We ask for your interest and anticipation until the first broadcast.”

“Number: Watchdogs In The Building Forest” is scheduled to air in the first half of this year.

Are you excited to see them work together in this drama?

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