Choi Hyun Wook Confirmed To Appear In Netflix’s “D.P.” Season 2

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Actor Choi Hyun Wook will appear in Netflix’s series “D.P.” Season 2.

On January 10th, SportsTrend reported that Choi Hyun Wook will appear in “D.P.” Season 2. Later, a source from Choi Hyun Wook’s agency GOLDMEDALIST confirmed the news.

“DP” is a work in which Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) and Ho Yeol (Koo Kyo Hwan), a military deserter arresting team (DP) that catches deserters, chases people with various stories and faces a reality they did not know before. It gained great popularity with its solid story, completeness, and flawless acting skills of the actors. Thanks to its popularity, the production of season 2 was confirmed, and new faces such as Ji Jin Hee and Kim Ji Hyun were put in.

Choi Hyun Wook will play the role of Shin A Hui in “DP” season 2, with Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Sung Kyun, and Son Suk Ku. Since he has proven both his outstanding acting skills and star quality through “Racket Boys”, “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, and “Weak Hero Class 1”, expectations are already rising about his performance in “DP” Season 2.

Choi Hyun Wook also has a deep relationship with director Han Jun Hee. This is because director Han Jun Hee participated as a producer in “Weak Hero Class 1”, where he was greatly loved for his role as Suho. As the two have worked together to achieve success, attention is focused on what kind of synergy effect will be created in Season 2 of “DP”.

“D.P.” Season 2 is currently being filmed and is in post-production with the goal of being released this year.


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