Chae Jong Hyeop Reveals He Received Military Exemption Due To Epilepsy, Shares Details About When It Started

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Actor Chae Jong Hyeop has confessed to receiving a military exemption due to suffering from Epilepsy in an newly released interview.

On the afternoon of January 17, Chae Jong Hyeop met with Sports Chosun at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul where he had an interview to talk about the wrap-up of the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Unlock My Boss.”

Chae Jong Hyeop, who was born in 1993, has received a “military exemption.” He was graded as a fifth-grade wartime worker due to epilepsy, for which he had already shown symptoms around the age of 20. He said,

“I was graded as a fifth-grade wartime worker because of epilepsy. At the age of 20, I first started fainting in Durban, South Africa. I was taken to the emergency room, where I was told to undergo a full-fledged test, came back to Korea to get a test and I was first graded level 4 by the Military Manpower Administration.
In order to do active military duty, I was told to come back after a full recovery, so I said, ‘Okay.’ Then time passed and I have been receiving treatment steadily.
Four years later, I was told to undergo a re-physical examination, so I went to the hospital for an electroencephalogram test. When I submitted a medical record to the Military Manpower Administration because of something wrong with my brain waves, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, so I was graded with level 5 in 2018.”

He added,

During the epilepsy test process I stayed in a single room for two nights and three days and a machine was attached to my head.
As if a prison, The room was locked up so that only the bathroom can be accessed from a place with CCTV. It is a brain test medical facility where you can only sleep and watch TV, but just staying there for two nights and three days does not catch brain waves.
Just because a person is sick, a person with epilepsy can be examined one day but the results can show the person is fine.But I continued to go home one day and sat on the sofa, and when I opened my eyes, the table was all upside down, and once I passed out while filming.
When I unintentionally went for a test, I found that I suffer from epilepsy in an electroencephalogram test, so I get that I was graded with level 5 with the medical record.”

Chae Jong Hyeop explained the reasoning behind getting level 5 due to suffering from Epilepsy, revealing

When I went to the Daegu Medical Center, I was good to go to the military, and when I first got a physical examination, my parents told me that I should go to the military if I was a man, but I thought about the military as it’s a place where I must go when the time comes, but if I fanted while holding a gun or holding a grenade, I could cause harm to others, so I said I will serve when I get fully well.
So I was told that I could only receive level 4, but after getting diagnosed with epilepsy, I couldn’t get level 4 either, and I was granted level 5. It has been almost 10 years since that happened.”

Chae Jong Hyeop is still under treatment. He said,

I take medicine every morning and take medicine whenever I feel the symptoms.
When I asked the doctor, he said on average eight out of ten people would recover completely, and two people would be more likely to have the symptoms of Epilepsy. The characteristic of people with the possibility of recurrence of it was for those who felt the symptoms first.
And I feel the symptoms first, so I’m still taking medicine. I can’t even diet, so I can gain weight and lose weight. If the symptoms worsen, I continue to take medicine and take care of it.
The biggest reason is that I want to do my favorite thing which is acting in accordance with the bounds of my illness, so I came this far since I wanted keep acting as much as I can.”

“Unlock My Boss” is a drama about a boss trapped in a smartphone and a man who finds out the truth after picking up the smartphone. It is based on a webtoon of the same name and drew attention since it was being serialized. Chae Jong Hyeop played the role of Park In Sung, who was an aspiring actor in the drama and became the president of Silver Linings after picking up a smartphone.

Meanwhile, Chae Jong Hyeop is currently filming “Is it a coincidence” alongside Kim So Hyun.

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