Lee Sung Kyung And Kim Young Kwang’s Upcoming Disney+ Drama Confirms Release Date + Unveils New Stills Of Star-Studded Cast

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Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang’s upcoming Disney+ drama “Call It Love” has finally confirmed its release date!

“Call It Love” is a romantic melodrama in which a man and a woman, who become entangled due to revenge, forget about revenge and instead shed tears because of their situation. The drama is about these two people who are tired of the harsh reality they live in so they come to understand each other and begin to change for the better.

Lee Sung Kyung will play the role of Shim Woo Joo, a woman who was hurt by family affairs and thus swore revenge on Han Dong Jin, the one who let her go through all of this. However, after meeting Han Dong Jin and getting to know him better, other emotions begin to replace her need for revenge. Kim Young Kwang will play Han Dong Jin, he is a workaholic who uses work as a way to escape his loneliness. He is hurt by love and struggles to endure his loneliness, but that all changes when he meets Shim Woo Joo, the woman who swore revenge on him. Sung Joon will play Shin Woo Joo’s mysterious best friend Yoon Joon. They’re joined by Hani, Sung Joon and Kim Ye Won.

On January 13, Disney+ confirmed the drama’s release date and released new stills of its entire cast featuring: Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Kwang, Hani, Sung Joon and Kim Ye Won. Check out the stills down below!

“Call It Love” will premiere on February 22 and will consist of 16 episodes.

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