Byun Yo Han, Lee Kyu Hyung And Seo Hyun Woo Join Song Kang Ho For Upcoming Drama “Uncle Samsik”

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Song Kang Ho’s debut drama “Uncle Samsik” has unveiled the full casting lineup of the drama!

Actors Byun Yo Han, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Seo Hyun Woo have confirmed their appearance in “Uncle Samsik,” which drew huge attention with actor Song Kang Ho’s first drama series appearance.

“Uncle Samsik” is a drama dealing with the hot desires and bromance of the two men, Uncle Sam Sik and Kim San, who survived the turbulent period in the early 1960s. Two fictional characters, Uncle Sam Sik and Elite Kim San, who said, “We ate three meals a day even during the war,” showcases stories of love, faith, and doubt. It is the debut drama series to be registered in the filmography of actor Song Kang Ho and is drawing keen attention.

On top of that, the finest actors of the Korean entertainment industry that come to mind are gathered with their extraordinary top-class acting skills. Following Song Kang Ho, who plays the title role of Uncle Sam Sik, actors Byun Yo Han, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Seo Hyun Woo have been cast to enhance the acting credibility of the drama.

First, Byun Yo Han plays the main character Kim San, who will show bromance with Uncle Sam Sik. Kim San, the top elite from the Korea Military Academy, is an Albright scholarship student who changes his major to economics during training in the U.S. and returns home with a dream of making Korea an industrial country. However, while being frustrated by the reality, Uncle Sam Sik appears in his life saying that we are dreaming the same dream and that he will fulfill it. The fiery acting battle with Song Kang Ho, with Byun Yo Han, the owner of the various colored acting ability, which has exploded its box office success with the recent movie “Hansan: Rising Dragon,” is also the biggest point to look out for “Uncle Samsik.”

Lee Kyu Hyung plays Kang Sung Min, the next leader candidate. Kang Sung Min has used Sam Sik to fulfill his desire, but now he is trying to abandon him. The reason why Sam Sik has no choice but to fall deeply into Kim San is because of his hostility towards Kang Sung Min. Lee Kyu Hyung, who has given life to characters in every work no matter what role he plays from character Hae Rongi in “Prison Playbook” and in dramas such as “Voice 4” and “Stranger,” will be reborn as the incarnation of a character with cold desire this time, leading to dramatic tension.

Seo Hyun Woo will play the role of Jung Han Min, an elite soldier from the Army. Jung Han Min went to training with Kim San as an Albright scholarship student, but on the other hand, he is a passionate man who remains in the military and dreams of reforming the military. However, he also faces a wall of reality like Kim San. Seo Hyun Woo’s heavy “Scene Stealer” performance, is expected to shine again this time, showcasing his charm of evil and good in the movie “Decision to Love,” the drama “Flower of Evil,” and the drama “Adamas.”

As a result, “Uncle Samsik,” which has the best lineup, is expected to be directed and scripted by Shin Yeon Sik to create high-quality work. The production company Slingshot Studio said, “We have completed all the major casts for the 10-episode drama series ‘Uncle Samsik’. Following Song Kang Ho, actors Byun Yo Han, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Seo Hyun Woo, all completed a very strong lineup with the joining of these trusted actors who guaranteed acting skills.  We will visit the viewers with a well-made work that is highly complete to match the name value.”

“Uncle Samsik” is under discussion about the airing of the drama.

Are you excited to see these finest actors together in this drama?

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