BTS’s V Is All Of Us Struggling While Waiting For “Fight My Way” Episode To Air

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Guess we aren’t the only “Fight My Way” fans here.

BTS’s V is like the rest of us struggling and eager to see today’s episode of “Fight My Way”.

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The idol posted to twitter to show his eagerness for today’s highly anticipated episode. He shared a photo of himself with some Burger King.

The caption he wrote translates to: “Please start the episode soon! We’re all waiting!”

He also added the hashtags #fightmyway and #episode 15. Today is the 15th episode air date and it’ll be the one before the last episode which is set to air tomorrow.

He then posted another photo of sleeping Jungkook, with the caption “One of us fell asleep waiting”

Then he posted yet another post, this time a video of Jungkook sleeping and V trying to feed him a French fry, have a look at the cute video down below.

With the video he wrote the caption that reads: “It was hard to not laugh..haha”

We hope V had fun watching the 15th episode; we will sit here eagerly waiting for the subbed version of the episode.

Back in 2016 both BTS’s V and Park Seo Joon were cast in the same historical drama “Hwarang” and they became friends ever since.

Isn’t the V the cutest as he awaits “Fight My Way”?

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