BTS’s V And Park Seo Joon Reunite For A Bromantic Movie Date

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The bromance is real and alive.

Two of our favorite people have gotten together and we can’t get over how cute the two look when interacting.

On august 14, Park Seo Joon uploaded a photo to his Instagram account of the two getting together.

In the photo both can be seen bro-fisting each other, Park Seo Joon wrote this cute caption which reads,

한번 더 볼꺼라 생각했지만 이녀석과 함께일줄은 상상도 못했다 참 이쁜녀석😉

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“I thought I’d be seeing the movie again (Midnight Runners), but I never thought I’d be seeing it with this kid. Such a great man”.

BTS’s V has also uploaded his own photo of their movie date to BTS’s official twitter account, and wrote this cute caption, he said,

한번 더 볼꺼라 생각했지만 이녀석과 함께일줄은 상상도 못했다 참 이쁜녀석😉

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“#I’ve watched the movie twice, #Dongman make me a wrap.”

BTS’s V has proven his loyalty to his friend and attended the VIP screening of Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul’s new movie “Midnight Runners”.

The two have met back in 2016 while shooting for the historical drama “Hwarang” and remain friends to this day.

Meanwhile, the movie “Midnight Runners” premiered back on August 9. Aren’t those two too cute together?

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