“The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World” Holds Teary First Script Reading

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tvN has released photos of “The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World” first script reading session, and as expected there were a lot of tears involved.

The masterpiece “The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World” has aired 21 years ago.

The drama remake cast includes some of Korea’s biggest actors, such as Won Mi Kyung, Yoo Dong Geun, Kim Young Ok, and Choi Ji Woo, as well as idols Minho of SHINee and Na Eun of Apink.

After brief introduction period, the actors immediately got into characters and began the script reading.

“The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World” tells the story of a middle-aged woman named In Hee (to be played by Won Mi Kyung) who sacrificed her entire life for her family. Once she diagnosed with terminal cancer she prepares to say goodbye to her family.

Yoo Dong Geun plays the husband and father who is a cold breadwinner for his family, he’s both frustrated and heartbroken because he has to say goodbye to his wife.

Kim Young Ok plays the feisty mother-in-law who shall bring laughter and tears to the drama. While Choi Ji Woo plays the eldest daughter Yeon Soo, during script reading she managed to make everyone sympathize with her character.

Minho will play Yeon Soo’s youngest child Jung Soo, while Na Eun (who is making a special appearance) plays Minho’s love interest.

The script reading was a success, many actors shed tears during rehearsals. Viewers and fans of the classic are eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend drama.

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