Bae Doona Signs A Contract With Cho Seung Woo’s Agency

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Actress Bae Doona has joined the same agency as Cho Seung Woo, her co-star in “Secret Forest”.

Goodman Story announced on March 3rd that they recently signed an exclusive contract with Bae Doona.

The agency said, “We are happy to accompany Bae Doona, an actress who is trusted and loved by the public all over the world for her colorful and in-depth acting. We will not spare any support for her, so please look forward to it and support us.”

Bae Doona, who was a model, started acting in 1999 with “School”, “Sense Eight”, “Secret Forest”, “Kingdom”, “And Sea of ​​Silence”, etc., and has built a world of acting with its own distinct color.

Recently, she played the role of Yujin, the only detective who tries to live like an adult in the movie “Next Sohee”, and received favorable reviews from the audience.

In addition to Cho Seung Woo, Choi Jae Woong, Moon Jong Won, Yang Jun Mo, Moon Taeyu, Kang Pil Suk, Park Sung Il, Yang Seung Ri, Lee Dong Soo, Gong Hyeon Ji, Lee Eun Jae, Yoon Hye Jin, Kim Na Young, Kim Do Hyun, and Hwang Soon Jong belong to the same agency.


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